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11 June 2010


The first MuzoBlog post, just to populate the page. I'm looking at Toontrack's new Beatstation at the mo and aim to have Native Instruments' Kontakt 4 nailed pretty soon. Yup, I'm all about music and the technology used to create it. You'll not find orchestral-type instruments here - I might flirt with flute and viola, but there are other sites for such traditional devices. 

Sequencers, control surfaces, interfaces, mixers, monitors, soft synths, ROMplers, audio editors and processors, along with electric guitar and everything related, are among my specialities. So if you're a modern muzo, whether amateur, semi-pro or already nominated for an MTV Award, join in with your own comment on kit, songwriting, performing et al. Pick at my brains, make your voice heard, start an argument or whatever - if it's sound stuff for other musicians then it belongs on these pages.

My background is at right, unless I've changed the page layout already, such is the nature of caprice. I'm up for discussing matters musical, technological and, when cogitative, philosophical. Ten per cent inspiration, a mere 50 per cent perspiration - technology's good like that - but 40 per cent information. Seems like the right proportion and info is the key; the unlock; the dongle... Etc. It's said that knowledge is power. Well, knowledge is knowledge and it can empower depending on relevance and deployment. It's also said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. But is it?

I could impart that the geographical centre of Europe is just outside Vilnius, Lithuania, as pictured above with yours truly looking so thrilled by it all. Of course, you'd have to know that I'm talking about a Europe that extends from Portugal to the Ural Mountains of Russia. Not terribly relevant, but then it's not exactly dangerous. It is, however, inaccurate if you assume that Europe ends at the Russian/Belorussian borders. Of more relevance is the fact that it gives me the chance to check out Blogger's photo-upload feature. You see? I've been here only a few ticks and I've learnt something, hands-on, already.

So let us dive into the waters of the know-pool and discover what we can about music, inspiration and musical creation. Overseas visitors will forgive my use of British English spelling. Yes, you will. And while I aim not to be too UK-centric, it's going to be inevitable because I'm splat-clang in the middle of the isle. Prices will be given in £Sterling and include VAT, unless they're not and don't. In the UK, VAT is currently at 17.5 per cent, but will likely go up when those multimillionaire LibCons in government realize they can, with impunity, fleece the rest of us. See XE - Universal Currency Converter if you’re not in the UK and have need.

Speaking of hard-earned, I write in the main for project-studio pilots, with only the occasional excursion into SSL-land. I write for those masses seeking to seize control of the means of music production outside of the pro studio. Those wielding the kind of gear retailed by Dolphin, DV247.com, Andertons and the like. A little, not very dangerous, knowledge on your part is assumed, but if anything's unclear, vociferate politely and I'll attempt to shed more light.

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