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03 January 2011


Starring, in order of appearance...
  • Dark Skies - Cinematic Ambiences | £89
  • Alien Skies - Cinematic Ambiences 2 | £89
  • Deep Impact - Cinematic Atmospheres & SFX | £89
  • From the date-stamp on this post, you’ll gather I’m looking at the raw ingredients of a new year with knife poised ready to chop, mix and and musically mash. Or mosh, but more on metal next time. Meantime, in movie land, cutting rooms have been working overtime preparing a feast of feisty film for 2011. We can look forward to such cine treats as The King’s Speech, a new Pirates Of The Caribbean, the final, final Harry Potter and the eagerly awaited fourth Mission Incomprehensible.

    While it’s generally recognised that many cinema-goers have eyes to see and mouths for popcorn, critics rarely pass comment on ears and what they care to sup. OK, there’s the occasional nod to a musical morsels well done, but what about the trimmings? The atmospheric pads and SFX that provide necessary seasoning to bring out the flavour of a movie’s meat and potatoes? Sound designers spend an age in the wild with field recorders, shoving foley artists aside as they snuffle for found-sound truffles; swiping synths off their owners’ plates in pursuit of electronic sonics; oft paring to the quick and buying in convenience packs of samples when time becomes more precious than film’s most important ingredient, money. It’s that latter urge that Zero-G’s trio of cinematic sound slices serves to slake.