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30 November 2011


Zeitgeist, a German word that's firtled its way into the English language, translates as 'time' and 'spirit'. Sure, it’s taken to mean ‘spirit of the age’ but, taken literally, it encompasses two significant notions to those intent on fashioning spirited grooves in as little time as possible. Ironically, it seems to have taken an age for MuzoBlog to summon a post on FXpansion’s groovester Geist, but there is method in the timing.

Launched late last year, this sampling instrument was, and still is, billed as ‘a complete, integrated rhythm production sandbox for the studio, for the tour bus or the stage’, fusing sample-sculpting tools with peppy pattern step-sequencing, enabling you to rapidly browse, slice and assign loops to pads in a ‘slick unified environment’. Saving time when devising rhythm patterns was high on FXpansion’s agenda and the media coverage that appeared shortly after launch was, and is, very positive in the main, backing up the developer’s claims of speed and ease of use. Provided you’re au fait with step-sequencing techniques, that is. Well, time has lately become of the essence for those not already having a Geistly time of things, hence this timely article and the twin asterisks in the headline. To whit...

24 November 2011


Buy Papen's RP-Delay for £10 and...
...get RP-Distort for £[cue tumbleweed]
MuzoBlog is not typically a port of call for catching up on retailers' or distributors' special offers. However, very occasionally, a bargain will come a-romping to the field, horns waving, flags blaring, making like a mountain troll at the gates of Minas Tirith - ie, a conspicuous no-brainer you'd be daft to resist. That's not to say Rob Papen's RP-Delay smells of squished orc. On the contrary, this AU/VST/RTAS plugin, along with its comrade in ambience RP-Verb, is well precious. I'll leave it to Papen to point out the pertinent, such as extensive modulation implementation, the means to reverse reflections as you like and even simulate the characteristics of tape delay. Let’s just say that from now until 30 November, the download from UK distributor Time+Space will cost you but £10.

That's right, T+S is offering RP-Delay for 10 measly quid (or €12 in foreign) and, on registering the product with the developer, you get a free copy of RP-Distort. So, two juicy plugs that would otherwise retail for €98 in total (or $138 in the currency of a certain British colony that celebrates Thanksgiving, or some such) can be yours for the price of a small-ish turkey. I happen to know that both effectors are particularly fruity because both are deployed in The Surgery, MuzoBlog's test facility, and are gaining much favour. The AU and VST incarnations are 64-bit (as well as backward compatible for 32-bit environments), hence multiple instances can be loaded on multi-core, well RAMmed computers with impunity ready to echo and distort programme material into whatever space or state of distress is appropriate. In lieu of a more comprehensive MuzoBlogpost on each, like wot I wrote for Papen's RP-Verb in September 2010, I'll point you to RP-Delay's and RP-Distort's product pages at the developer's site for a take on the headline features and audio examples a-go-go. So ready your plastic and prepare to poke T+S's shiny new servers.