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20 December 2011

IZOTOPE T-PAIN BUNDLE | *£59.95/*$99

*Be mindful that iZotope's European distributor Time+Space is offering this £59.95 money-saving deal on The T-Pain Bundle until a time that is yet to come (as about as accurate as can be had for now), while iZotope's US website has it at $99, a saving of $59 on the US SRP.

When a singer has a bad throat and there’s still a job to do, he or she may reach for a potion enriched by dextromethorphan, eg Robitussin. Interestingly, if you take a butt-load you enter an anaesthetised, dissociative state called robo-tripping. But what if the singer can’t sing anyway? Not through malady or overdosing on meds, but because they're tone deaf. Well, for the young, good-looking, pneumatic type who’s sectionable enough to want to give up every last shred of credibility in the pursuit of X-list celebrity, there’s good news. And yes, I am addressing those attention-craving nut-jobs who aspire to be assembled in facilities like The X Factory.

Singers who can’t sing have long been able to bluff their way, in live performance or on TV, by miming. However, trouble arises in pressure situations, such as facing a microphone in a recording studio and having no control over the pitch of what’s coming out of one’s gob. It’s a bad idea to use a real singer, as Milli Vanilli discovered, but there is a work-around: Robo-singing. And no, it doesn't involve DXM, ketamine or PCP, although you may need such stuff when the tabloid press has finished with your private life. Prior to that, we've a technological solution called autotune, by which the voice is cranked forcibly into pitch.

One artist taking autotune to the extreme is vocal-tech-toting radical T-Pain, a man inclined to mix it up with urban, or RnB, or something - well, he talks a lot, so let's call it rap with frilly bits. And his take on the genre has lately been given an extra shove by that most rad of software developers, iZotope. So, leaving a polemic on autotune in modern pop production until later, let's take a butcher's at iZ's The T-Pain Bundle.