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15 September 2012


It’s 5 October 2009 and Boston-based developer iZotope unleashes Alloy on an unsuspecting world. A six-module channel strip on performance-enhancing supplements, the product totes a host of presets aimed at home-production newbies, plus flexible configuration facilities for pro users seeking excitement, equalization, transient shaping, de-essing, double-barrelled dynamics control and limiting. All that and analog emulation, too. Now to August just gone and, bearing in mind that sister product Ozone had now reached v5, the world was no longer unsuspecting when news broke of Alloy 2.

This OS X/Windows, 32/64-bit, VST/AU/RTAS/ AAX/DXi plug is, as you'd expect, aimed at producers, engineers and broadcasting/podcasting types seeking to perfect their mixes with judicious tone and dynamics shaping. Before leaping in, let us absorb some handy gen, such as a PDF of the help manual, iZotope’s product page, Euro-distributor Time+Space’s product page and a video tour...