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06 November 2012


November is brought to you by the letter M. No, not for 'moustache' (although a fuzzy top-lip indicates cancer awareness), but for 'metal'. Yes, it's Movember, hence time to grow a 'tache, contribute to Cancer Research UK and take in Toontrack's Metal Month, which heralds seven HM-related product announcements. The first arrived early here at MuzoBlog, giving time to cop a feel for what's erupted from the Swedish developer's HQ and summon a considered review on this very day of launch.

What we have is Randy Staub Rock Solid EZX, an expansion for percussion plug-in EZdrummer (£89.95 / €119) and which can also be accessed by the rather more trick Superior Drummer 2.0 (£207 / €259). It presents the engineering expertise of famed rock producer/engineer Randy Staub, alongside sampling from ex-Nickelback sticksman Ryan Vikedan.

The pair have assembled ~800MB of content comprising three complete drumkits, plus extras, aimed at muzos putting together classic-rock and heavy metal performances. Before we leap, like a deranged frontman, into the kits themselves, here's a typically tasty Toontrack vid for an overview of how the rock solidified…