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04 July 2013

SOUNDIRON OLYMPUS CHOIR Review | £389 / $549

In the Soundiron Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection...
Soundiron Mars Symphonic Male Choir | £285 / $399
Soundiron Venus Symphonic Female Choir | £285 / $399

It's rare that one hears a human voice on a modern, chart-oid record. The artist may be billed as a singer, but what you often get is the pitch and time-corrected rasp of a synthesizer triggered by the performer's voice. In dance circles, there's no shame in smashing together crass rhyme and having the vocal glitch away like a demented Stylophone, but it's a bit rich when allegedly proper singers are used to trigger that auto-tune grind.

Soundiron sampled a 33-voice female choir for Venus
However, such a phenomenon has little to do with Soundiron's rather splendid Mars and Venus symphonic choirs, together known as the Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection. Yep, 'splendid' has given away the conclusion of this piece, but stick with it for revelation of fearsome facilities.