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05 November 2013

TOONTRACK METAL! EZX Review | £49.95 / €69

The video above can mean only one thing: November is here and that means metal. Well, it does at the Swedish HQ of developer Toontrack, which annually celebrates the lilting tones and figures of heavy metal in its various shades.

Metal is a genre that lends itself to the usual lexical excess of sub-genre - one merely replaces 'heavy' with 'black', 'death', 'thrash', 'badger' and so forth. For Toontrack's 2013 celebration of Metal Month, the first product out of the bag is an expansion for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer, both sample-based percussion plug-ins of immense facility.

The developer already has EZX libraries devoted to metal but, rather than messing things up with a sub-genre monicker, this newbie's title sports just a single exclamation mark: Metal! That must have been one barn-snorting product-planning brainstorm. So what's the difference between Metal! and Toontrack's other metalloid EZXs, Metalheads, Metal Machine and the venerable Drumkit From Hell? Perhaps we can get an idea with some video showing how Metal! came together...