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06 December 2013


'Know Thy Tools'? Why would I want to know my tools when there's a lifetime's worth of instant gratification to be had from VST preset flipping? You don't have to learn what all those knobs on a plug-in do, yet end up with an aural aesthete's appreciation of sound. Well just hold on there.

One of the latest kids on the Minimoog emulation block is Native Instruments Monark and Al Swettenham over at Groove 3 has made it his mission to force your fingers onto aforementioned knobs until you've learned 'em good. Al is from the Union Jack side of the pond, but has a clear voice so I doubt Americans will have difficulty understanding the accompanying audio.

I recognise his voice from other Groove 3 videos and the training company is right to ask him back since, after a couple of vids, it's clear he's going to make the effort to explain things clearly.

One thing I do like is that Al is not afraid to grumble about things he finds exasperating, so this series doesn't sound like a slick product ad - you get a feeling that there's honest advice here.