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25 March 2014

ROB PAPEN BLUE-II Review | £109 / €137 / $179

Rob Papen's soft synth Blue-II comes nine years after its predecessor, which is a long time in polysynths. Stroll down the page for the instant thrill of audio demos, or stick around for sagacity, the least gaseous of which is a claim right here on FellKlang, which you are now reading, with your eyes, that Muneer Papen has coded a synth that will set cinematica alight. Or, at least, make it squirm inappropriately, as did the original Blue, but now with more digital stimulation thanks to enhanced hands-on control.

Sound-wise, Blue-II is more than capable of producing the sizzles, pungent flarps and bubbling bloops of EDM (if you can bear the term) in its many guises. Amid the more than 3,000 patches of the factory banks, there’s a wealth of techno/complextro/dubstep, brostep, naughtystep/blah - you name it. However, the synth looks set to become a must-have for movie soundtrackery, ambient weavings, new-age atmospheres and, oxymoronically, progressive.

06 March 2014

IZOTOPE BREAKTWEAKER Review | £165 / $249

Boston MA developer iZotope has forged quite a reputation for hitting the nail squarely on the head. On launch, its Ozone mastering suite received praise left and right for the wealth and quality of audio-enhancing modules presented, while audio-repair tool RX is an essential part of many a production pro's arsenal. However, the company also appears adept at devising shiny new hammers.

More elegant than a Birmingham screwdriver is Stutter Edit, a sample-stammering signal processor designed in association with 'name' DJ BT. And this 2014, hyped to the hilt prior to its unveiling at Winter NAMM, we've the latest BT collaboration, the aptly named BreakTweaker. Yep, it's for tweaking breaks, and does it ever.