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19 May 2014

TOONTRACK EZDRUMMER 2 Review | £99 / €139

Toontrack's newbie EZdrummer 2 has been looming large in the music-tech media for more than a month now, but then we did get our fingers on this latest incarnation of the Swedish dev’s leading, nay legendary, percussion suite in March. And has it ever encouraged a fest of finger-to-keyboard since.

Such pre-launch prestidigitation is a relatively common phenomenon known as 'Toontrack offers pre-release copies to the media on the understanding that reviews will appear at launch'. It certainly freshens the blood of tech journos as we clamber over each other trying to deliver a product review first.

Of course, the benefit of holding back from publication means one can to assess what it is that others have digested which, as it turns out, appears a satisfying concoction of meaty, beaty, skin-on plug-in (and yes, it’ll run stand-alone in the gratis Toontrack Solo).

Here's video of Toontrack's take on what wordsmiths have been rattling on about, offering some clue as to the consistency of their passages...