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19 September 2014


Bah! Them young folk calling that awful noise music? What is it, this 'trap'? In my day they had stuff you could sing along to, like that nice young Paul Hardcastle chappie with his N-n-n-n-19. Trap? They got the first letter wrong. And it was with this attitude that I approached Al Swettenham's Groove 3 videos, Making Trap with Reason.

Did I mention that it's for Propellerhead Software Reason 7? Hmm, Reason 8 is out on 30 Sept. And did I reveal that I flirt with Reason, but use another DAW for most of my work? So it was with predudice and disdain that I sat down to discover how to create a song in a genre I know little about. This series has its work cut out...