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27 October 2014


Last August, Tesla chief executive and PayPal payment system pioneer Elon Musk tweeted his view that artificial intelligence (AI) is “potentially more dangerous than nukes”. And, in a recent address to students at MIT, likened it to “summoning the demon”. Such doom-mongering is all very well, but we musicians have more than just songs of the apocalypse to write in the meantime. Could AI assist us in this, or will we all end up miffed with the machine?

FellKlang collaborator Roland Trimmel (left) of Re-Compose, developer of AI-esque songwriting assistant Liquid Notes, echoes Elon’s concern: “Finally, we see the rise of the machines and with it develops a fear that artificial intelligence will render humans useless.” However, having ruminated long on the potential for a robotic Rapture, Roland suggests answers to some of the Qs at large in Mass...
"Is the world ready for the perceptional battle that AI in music poses?" This question was posed at Boston’s A3E Conference last month by a team member at Landr. The company had received death threats from people in the mastering industry after it released a DIY drag-and-drop instant online mastering service powered by AI algorithms.