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19 January 2015


Since foundation in 2007, British sampling specialist Spitfire Audio has forged a feisty reputation for creating world-class libraries of a classical bent for Native Instruments Kontakt. In fact, it immediately became clear, on the release of a debut product line in 2010, that the company’s output would be as characterful and quintessentially British as RJ Mitchell's slightly famous fighter aircraft.

Spitfire’s first outing, the Albion range, demonstrated there’s more to the company’s ethos than combining quality sampling with clever scripting and ingenious interface design by which to challenge the Kontakt engine.

Spitfire’s founders deduced that a sterile, machine-driven approach would result in yet more me-too offerings, indistinguishable from the waves of watery orchestral sample libraries already flooding the market. Rather, they hit on hosing the audience with the sensibilities of wetware (people), liberally dispensing the human spirit and character that do great instrumental performances make. And such is the case with eDNA01 - Earth, the ‘e’ for ‘electronic’, followed by ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’ (presumably), along with the library’s planet of origin...

Whatever the reasoning behind the name, squirting all this characterfully human goo around created an an ocean of overmatter; terabytes of stuff amassed during years of product development that other outfits may have just spat into the sink. Not so our resourceful Spits.

15 January 2015

A 38,000-SAMPLE ORCHESTRA | €249,90*+VAT

*Developer’s largest Kontakt instrument to date on time-limited special offer - goes full €299.90+VAT next week. See website for more.

Following the slightly gargantuan Grosso launched last year, sample-instrument developer Sonokinetic presents Capriccio, a 38,000 sample, phrase-based Kontakt instrument capturing the vigorous sound of a full symphony orchestra.

“Capriccio is our biggest orchestral collection yet, both in terms of physical size and in terms of sound, which is just... BIG,“ says the dev.

“We had conductor Petr Pololanik approach the limits of his Capellen orchestra for these recording sessions, and the resulting energy, drive and power really comes across in each and every sample. Each phrase has been carefully treated from conception through production to implementation in the final instrument, to make sure it would work as a whole, and be as widely usable as possible.

“We say it is big, and the sound is big, but the sound has a diverse range of uses and is only limited by your own imagination. You can use Capriccio as a base for your composition, or to complement an existing piece, using only bits and pieces. It can be really loud and awe-inspiring, or gently set the mood.