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15 January 2015

A 38,000-SAMPLE ORCHESTRA | €249,90*+VAT

*Developer’s largest Kontakt instrument to date on time-limited special offer - goes full €299.90+VAT next week. See website for more.

Following the slightly gargantuan Grosso launched last year, sample-instrument developer Sonokinetic presents Capriccio, a 38,000 sample, phrase-based Kontakt instrument capturing the vigorous sound of a full symphony orchestra.

“Capriccio is our biggest orchestral collection yet, both in terms of physical size and in terms of sound, which is just... BIG,“ says the dev.

“We had conductor Petr Pololanik approach the limits of his Capellen orchestra for these recording sessions, and the resulting energy, drive and power really comes across in each and every sample. Each phrase has been carefully treated from conception through production to implementation in the final instrument, to make sure it would work as a whole, and be as widely usable as possible.

“We say it is big, and the sound is big, but the sound has a diverse range of uses and is only limited by your own imagination. You can use Capriccio as a base for your composition, or to complement an existing piece, using only bits and pieces. It can be really loud and awe-inspiring, or gently set the mood.

“If you are familiar with our previous orchestral instrument Grosso, Capriccio's user interface should look quite familiar. The basic structure of the instrument is the same, using 4 presets each divided in 3 layers, but there are many innovations within Capriccio that will make working with this library even more intuitive and flexible. Highlights include the 'phrase offset' slider, separate volume setting for release tails and MIDI drag/drop from the score view in the interface, straight into your DAW.

“With Capriccio we’ve brought phrase-based sampling bang up to date. Throw away all preconceptions of stiff, one-shot samples and use the power of the Capriccio interface to harmonise, syncopate, offset and blend every one of the 38,000 samples. We’ve wrung every bit of creativity and flexibility out of these phrases and built a bespoke interface that will allow you to do the same.

“Despite advancements in sampling technology, you simply can't beat the realism of live played phrases and orchestral patterns, so our goal is to make these as playable as possible, like a real instrument, with the minimum of end-user programming. The instruments are meant to stimulate your creativity and, based on the feedback we are getting, that is exactly what they do.

“Please watch our range of videos on the Sonokinetic site if you want to know more about Capriccio’s inner workings. There are many 'hidden' features that will enhance your user experience a great deal if you know how to use them.

"For example, with Grosso we added 'bar sync' but for Capriccio we also added 'phrase offset’. These things are very complicated in terms of under-the-hood programming but we’re sure that the intuitive interface makes it easy to realize the potential of features like this.

“All phrases for Capriccio are composed in 4/4, with straight 8th and 16th notes. We have also included a 'runs' instrument with strings and woodwinds runs, a gorgeous and eminently playable multisampled percussion patch and a melodic percussion instrument containing Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells and Piano phrases.

“Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best value and quality sample producers and with this product we’d like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling.”

Sonokinetic Capriccio is available now as a download or on USB pen drive. The €249,90 intro price is valid for one week from 14 January - a detailed view of Capriccio's capabilities can be had by downloading the PDF manual.
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