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02 February 2015

TOONTRACK BASIC JAZZ MIDI Review | £19.95 / €25

Jazz great Buddy Rich is said to have said: "I can think of a lot better things to do with my hands than to cut them up on the rim of a drum.” Not only were the words highly relevant in his day, he was almost certainly alluding to the plight of modern-day rhythm programmers' fingers. Possibly.

Hammering away on trigger pads while trying to inject human feel into beats that stray from dancefloor fodder does not happy digits make. The blindingly obvious work-around is to hire a real drummer for authentic performances in jazzy, swinging tracks focused more on love than sex, cars and guns.

If you're not equipped for recording real drums, then tracking an electronic kit with a MIDI sequencer could do the trick.

However, running up basic jazz numbers when alone in the studio demands some clever thinking. And that's what Toontrack has been up to in devising its Basic Jazz MIDI pack.