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31 March 2015

Lite £49 | Pro £199 | Pro Extended £299

There’s much hoo-ha about performers promoting themselves as singers while using auto-tune technology to disguise the fact that they can’t sing. They may have the looks and attitude, but when they open their mouths ready to belt it out, teeth grate; ears bleed.

Rather than buying into the con, one could robotise the vocal and go for an electro-pop sound, or just forget about singing and do death metal, or whatever other metal sub-genre accommodates a good ‘graaargh!’ for a lyric. However, get the technique wrong and a career may get dented.

We’re looking at vocal cord nodules, polyps, ulcers, or even paralysis, which ain’t great if you’re halfway through a studio album or tour. So how about taking a leaf out of the industrial music handbook? Use tech to distort, re-pitch, mash and otherwise marmalize the vocal.

Most every electric guitarist has at least one overdrive, distortion or fuzz effect ready to switch on for instant talent, so why not the singer? There are heaps of techie ways to mess up a vocal and one that has pinged loud on the FellKlang radar of late is Krotos Dehumaniser.

Designed for voice-overs and SFX in video games and on soundtracks, this Mac/Windows standalone suite lends itself ideally to monster music production, such is its wealth of tweakables.

For a taste of such, here’s a delightful little ditty featuring a monster having a rather angry day...