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13 April 2015

iZOTOPE RX 4 Review £239 / $349
iZOTOPE RX 4 ADVANCED Review £815 / $1,199

It seems like only 18 months since this very organ (then MuzoBlog) sang the praises of iZotope’s audio-perfecting suite RX 3 in both its standard and Advanced versions. Since then, industry awards have sallied forth proclaiming the title’s sound-polishing modules an “Outstanding Technical Achievement” (NAMM 2015 TEC award) and a “Technical Achievement In Post Production” (Cinema Audio Society 50th annual awards).

Talking about cinema, The Hobbit audio guy Ray Beejentles has been doing just that (see interview), describing RX 3’s successor a “game changer” by which more than 80 per cent of the WingNut film’s original production recordings were saved before blending into automated dialogue replacement (ADR) - impressive. “With RX 4 Denoiser, we were able to use lines from The Hobbit that would have been thrown away during The Lord Of The Rings,” he enthuses.

However, there’s more to RX than optimising orc-tongue. Skip to 2013's FellKlang RX 3 review to discover how much of a music studio essential this software has become, from taming background uglies, thru surgically removing unwanted clanks and parps blighting individual takes, to prepping mixes for commercial release. The conclusions reached in 2013 apply just as much today, but first, a video just so we know we're all on the same webpage…